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Although you’re going to get a substantial amount of money from selling a property, this doesn’t mean that you’re not going to have to pay quite a bit of money in order to make the sale a reality. Before you sell a property, you should consider all the costs and potential expenses that you will have to pay. Some of them you may be able to pay after the property […]

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A report released by BIS Shrapnel looking at Residential Property Prospects claims that Australian property market conditions are beginning to improve, and that housing could see turnaround within two to three years. Howev er improvement rates will be different across different states and areas, with NSW, WA, Queensland and the Northern Territory recovering while non-resourece states may continue to stay are lower price levels. Victoria, SA, Tasmania and the ACT […]

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Historically speaking this has certainly been the case. Most people would choose to rent rather than buy their home simply because the mortgage payments were too high. Young people would choose to rent in a trendy inner suburb, but some years later would look to buy in a cheaper outer suburb. The landlord in turn would be able to “write off’ their tax the negative gearing on his investment – […]

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The mortgage market is not what it used to be. While lenders are certainly keen to get your business and will go a long way to come up with a better loan offer than their competitors, the details of your loan application and your financial status at time of the application can make the difference between approval and decline as well as the pricing of your loan offer.   Check […]

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