Winter is approaching, whether we like it or not, and while we’re fortunate to live in a lovely temperate climate despite the season, it can still begin to feel a little more chilly once autumn ends. If your home is starting to lose its comforting feel, make sure you get it winter-ready before the cold really starts to set in. There’s nothing better than coming home to a comfortable, cosy home after a tough day at work, so get your home winter-ready with these design and interior tips.


Cover up the tiles

Stylish tiles may be ideal when you’re looking to stay cool in the summer, but once winter rolls around they can feel like a less sensible interior design decision. If your slippers aren’t enough to keep the chill off your floors this winter, cover up those tiles with some beautifully patterned rugs from Rugs Direct. They’ll add a gorgeous new design element to your space while keeping the heat in the room and in your body at all times.

Learn to love throws

Throws are a fantastic design feature as they add style to your space while keeping you warm and comfy on even the coldest of winter nights. If you’re hoping to stay cosy on the sofa late into the evening, invest in some big, luxuriously soft throws that fit in with the design aesthetic of your living room. If you choose the right texture, print and design, they’ll look beautiful in your home even when you don’t need to wrap yourself up for extra warmth.

Create a bathroom sanctuary

It’s impossible to feel the winter chill when you’re lying in the bathtub surrounded by peace and tranquillity. To make your bathroom feel properly cosy this winter, add a few extra elements that add to the atmosphere of the room. A few well-placed candles with relaxing scents, plenty of soothing bath oils, and a huge fluffy towel to crawl into once you’re done will ensure that your winter evenings are absolutely perfect.

Switch to seasonal bed sheets

Your bedroom linen should adapt to suit the season. You definitely won’t feel comfortable if you’re still sleeping in sheets that kept you cool through those sweltering summer days, and you may find yourself struggling to get a good night’s sleep at all if you don’t switch things up. Go shopping and invest in a set of proper winter sheets so you’re ready to change over once the seasons change.

Adjust your colour scheme

While cool or neutral colours may fit nicely during the summer, a cosy home needs cosy colours. Consider repainting some of your walls to create a more intimate and warm feel for the space. Shades of red, yellow, and brown are always a great place to start if you want to warm up your space while giving your home a new look.

Check your insulation

If you’ve tried all of the design tricks in the book but still can’t feel heat in your home once the temperature drops, you may want to have a specialist take a look at your property. You might need to boost your insulation, especially if you have a loft where cold air can easily get in and warmth can escape.

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